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Accra Ghana.

Invoice Number FIINV-0157
Order Number 5512
Invoice Date October 9, 2023
Due Date October 13, 2023
Total Due ₵2,054.00
Rosetta Nelson
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
10 A board with a pen for kids, and a button to press to erase (different colours)
10 Small and round diffuser with a white line at the neck
10 Umbrella for kids (different colors)
10 Slippers for kids with light and different colors, very fluffy
2 A supreme money gun
10 Small ladies' bags (rubber-like texture) with a long chain handle and a short pearls handle, in different colors
10 Small strawberry shaped bags, candy shaped bags, and kitty’s head shaped bags with handles
20 Small, round ladies' handy mirror with a brush inclusive, in different colours
10 Water bottle in pink and yellow colors with a button to press to open, a handle to hold, and a strap with a toy dog or cat on it
10 Alphabet learning mic with interactive coin chip for kids
1 fofoofoimports 5% charge ₵98.000.00%₵98.00
Sub Total ₵2,054.00
Tax ₵0.00
Total Due ₵2,054.00

Fofoofo Group PTY LTD

Fofoofo Group PTY LTD

Bank Name: Cal Bank
Account #: 1400006745425
Account Name: Fofoofo Group PTY LTD
Bank Btanch: Independence Avenue