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Buy For Me

Buy For Me Service

Sit Back And Let’s Do Your Shopping & Shipping For You.

  • Pay 30 Cedis as an initial product sourcing fee for up to 10 Products/links
  • Please give us between 3 to 5 days to source your products for you.
  • Once sourcing is done we only charge a small fee of 5% on the overall order placed.
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)
(max file size 5 GB)

At Fofoofo Imports, here is the process we follow for our sourcing and shipping service:

  1. Requirement Analysis: We start by understanding our customer’s sourcing needs. We gather information about the type of products they require, quantities, quality standards, specific requirements, and any preferences they may have.
  2. Supplier Identification: Based on the customer’s requirements, we leverage our extensive network and sourcing channels to identify potential suppliers. We have trusted contacts, trade directories, and online platforms that help us locate reliable and suitable suppliers.
  3. Supplier Evaluation: We conduct a thorough evaluation of the shortlisted suppliers. We assess their reliability, production capacity, quality control measures, financial stability, and compliance with regulations. We may perform background checks, request samples, or even visit supplier facilities to ensure their capabilities meet our customer’s expectations.
  4. Negotiation and Contracting: Once suitable suppliers are identified, we negotiate the terms and conditions of the sourcing arrangement. We handle price negotiations, payment terms, delivery schedules, quality control measures, and any other specific requirements. We prepare and finalize contracts or purchase orders with the selected suppliers.
  5. Order Placement: As Fofoofo Imports, we place purchase orders on behalf of our customers with the selected suppliers. We ensure that all necessary details are accurately communicated, such as product specifications, quantities, packaging instructions, and delivery requirements.
  6. Quality Control and Inspection: Throughout production or before shipment, we conduct rigorous quality control inspections. We verify that the products meet our customer’s specifications and quality standards. This includes sample testing, factory audits, and engaging third-party inspection agencies if necessary.
  7. Logistics and Shipment Coordination: Fofoofo Imports takes care of the logistics and shipping aspects of the sourced products. We arrange transportation, coordinate customs clearance, prepare export/import documentation, and track the shipment until it reaches the customer’s designated location.
  8. Delivery and After-Sales Support: Once the products arrive, we ensure their smooth delivery to our customer’s premises. We verify that the products are received in good condition and as per the agreed terms. Furthermore, we provide any necessary after-sales support, handling returns, resolving issues or disputes, and facilitating warranty claims.

At Fofoofo Imports, we strive to provide a seamless sourcing and shipping experience for our customers, taking care of every step of the process to ensure their satisfaction.


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