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    Importing Into Ghana Can Be A Daunting Process

    Whether you’re shipping via air freight or sea freight, in the normal course of business, problems arise. Air Cargo can be delayed as a result of flight cancellations, vessels can be re-routed, freight can go missing, a worldwide pandemic could cause havoc amongst the world’s logistics networks (sound familiar?)

    We’re here to find solutions to anything the world can throw at us. Our experienced team will utilize our global relationships to give you the advice you need and keep you informed every step of the way.

    We mould our services to meet your needs. That’s why the choice is clear. Fofoofo Imports will provide you with:

    • Someone you can trust with your goods.
    • Someone you can build a working relationship with.
    • Someone that can handle it all

    We are passionate about working with our clients to help them build their businesses, we offer ongoing support, up to date advice, and exceptional communication. Our goal is to establish lasting long term working relationships with everyone we work with.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Freight forwarding is the process of organizing the shipment and transportation of goods from one location to another, ensuring they reach their destination efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Freight forwarding services offer several benefits, including expertise in logistics, customs clearance, and documentation requirements. By using a freight forwarding service, you can save time, reduce costs, and ensure your goods are handled professionally throughout the shipping process.

    We offer 2 main range of transportation modes to suit your specific needs, including air freight and sea freight. Our team will work closely with you to determine the most suitable mode of transportation for your cargo.

    We provide comprehensive shipment tracking services, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipments from origin to destination. You can easily access real-time tracking information through our online tracking system or by contacting our customer service team or using our online tracking system.